How to Whiten Your Teeth with Whitening Gel

How to Whiten Your Teeth with Whitening Gel

January 10, 2022 - Jannet Ly

How to Whiten Your Teeth with Whitening Gel

So you want to whiten your teeth?

The teeth whitening industry is a vast one, and it can be easy to get lost in all the marketing, so here is a consolidated list of my tips for teeth whitening. Please keep in mind your teeth will be sensitive after doing teeth whitening treatment. Start slowly, and see how the sensitivity affects you / your teeth. Then, I would gradually increase the whitening time from 30 minutes to 4 hours per session until your desired level of whiteness is attained.



Another important disclaimer before you begin your whitening journey is that typically patients who whiten their teeth have to whiten every 6-8 weeks (for the rest of their lives) to maintain that degree of teeth whiteness. If all that sounds good to you, let’s dive into the game plan:


When starting your whitening journey, it’s best to whiten your teeth to your desired level of shade of whiteness either one or two times a week (again gauge by your sensitivity) for 3-4 weeks. Usually folks reach their ideal whiteness by the end of four weeks. At this point, the rest is just maintenance work, using whitening toothpastes daily and whitening treatment one time every 6-8 weeks.



                  • Brush and floss your teeth
                  • Distribute a thin layer into the facial teeth area of the whitening tray for both upper and lower teeth. of their aligners (not necessary to place gel on lingual or occlusal surfaces)
                  • Before putting the tray with the gel into your mouth, wipe their teeth dry with gauze or Q-tips (You can use tissue, but it will probably leave some lint)
                        • Insert whitening tray and wear for 30 minutes (or as instructed on your whitening label)
                  • After 30 minutes, remove the whitening tray. (perfect time to use your PULTOOL!)
                  • Gently floss gel out from between teeth since there will be gel residue remaining on your teeth.
                  • Brush teeth with toothpaste to remove any residual gel.
                  • Brush and clean your whitening tray. (We recommend using FIZZ ME for easy cleaning.
                  • Just drop a tablet in some warm water and soak for 15 minutes, rinse, and you’re good to go!)
                  • Continue this process 1-2x a week until you’ve reached your desired level of whiteness.

Once you’ve reached your desired level of whiteness, you can start your maintenance routine. Assuming you are already brushing twice a day, flossing, etc, I also recommend using a whitening toothpaste and doing a touch-up whitening session every 6-8 weeks for 30-90 minutes (or as recommended on the whitening gel box – I understand that different brands and products have different intensities).


Hope this helps!