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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the THEPULTOOL®?

THEPULTOOL® is the original clear dental tray and aligner removal tool. It drastically reduces removal time, and creates a hygienic way to remove your aligners. THEPULTOOL® helps with the struggle that most patients have when removing their aligners - especially when starting a new set of trays.


THECHEWTOOL® is the original clear dental tray and aligner placement tool. It allows for 100% perfect seating, saves time, and creates a hygienic way to place your aligners. 

How does THECHEWTOOL® work?

THECHEWTOOL® attaches directly to THEPULTOOL® to help you seat your aligners and improve tracking. We created THECHEWTOOL® to work in tandem with THEPULTOOL® to provide a single system to both remove and seat your aligners.

Simply, slide THECHEWTOOL® onto THEPULTOOL® and lock into place. Insert both top and bottom aligners onto your teeth. Then use THECHEWTOOL® by placing it between your upper and lower teeth.  Starting from the back of one side of your mouth, “chew” alongside your arch until you reach the opposing side. Focus “chewing” on areas as instructed by your dentist. 

Note: You can slide THECHEWTOOL® up and down the shaft of THEPULTOOL® to contract and extend the device to fit hard to reach areas of your mouth.

Why do I need the TOOLS?

Discomfort and complexity during removal and replacement is the number one reason why patients do not use their aligners as prescribed. THEPULTOOL® and THECHEWTOOL® almost completely eliminate this barrier, paving the way for a seamless and on-time aligner treatment.


How long do the TOOLS last?

THEPULTOOL® and THECHEWTOOL® are very durable.  They are molded from industrial grade plastic, heat resistant, non-porous, and are guaranteed to last the life of your treatment. If for any reason one of your TOOLS breaks, we'll simply replace it! Just pay shipping.

Are the TOOLS interchangeable?

No. Each TOOL is designed to function on it's own to perform the it's own specific function. However they can be snapped together and used in conjunction with each other to enable the CHEWTOOL® to extend to hard to reach places in your mouth.


How do I clean my TOOLS?

Cleaning THEPULTOOL® and THECHEWTOOL® is very simple.  The simplest being in the top rack of your dishwasher. Hot Water and dish detergent will also work. Just don't use any harsh cleaners or chemicals. They can make the tool porous, susceptible to breakage...and who really wants chemicals in their mouths, anyway?

How long will it take me to receive my order?

  • Continental United States: 2-5 business days

  • Canada, Hawaii, Alaska: 5-7 business days

  • International: 7-10 business days*

* delays could occur due to customs rules and regulations

Does my dental professional offer THEPULTOOL® and THECHEWTOOL®?

Ask them! If they don't, tell them about us! Refer your dental professional and we'll send you THEPULTOOL® & THECHEWTOOL® on us!