Hi! I'm Jannet, the creator of THEPULTOOL®.

After having spent five years as a Registered Dental Assistant specializing in Orthodontics, I started to see that technology was creating amazing new ways to align and protect teeth, but also with these new technologies came new problems. THEPULTOOL® is a direct result of the most annoying problem of them all: Getting them out of your mouth!  

Way back on a sunny afternoon in 2013, I had a hysterical patient drop into the office in a panic. She had not eaten in two days because her aligners were stuck inside her mouth! After struggling to remove them (and finally winning the battle), a lightbulb came on in my head. I went home that night with nothing but a clean sheet of paper and an idea, and THEPULTOOL® was born.  

I'm a passionate "teeth geek" that's on a mission to save the world (from annoying dental appliances) one mouth at a time!  Let me save you next!   


                                                       -Jannet | @msjannalee