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Product Description

Elevate your Oral Care Routine

Our PICK ME, Biodegradable Floss Picks and CARRY ME, Clear Aligner Case is the perfect way to elevate your aligner care routine. PICK ME Floss Picks are eco-friendly and provide effortless and effective cleaning between your teeth, and fits in our CARRY ME Aligner Case, to keep your treatment organized and teeth clean wherever you go.

Order your PICK ME Floss Picks and CARRY ME Aligner Case today and start enjoying a healthier smile!


PICK ME, Biodegradable Floss Picks:

  • Biodegradable handle made from plant-based materials
  • Double-threaded nylon floss
  • Strong & durable, shred-free
  • Effective at removing plaque and food particles
  • Helps to prevent tooth decay and gum disease
  • Improves your breath
  • Makes your teeth feel cleaner
  • Protects your teeth from cavities
  • Promotes good oral health


CARRY ME, Clear Aligner Case:

  • Durable & constructed with the strongest magnets
  • Keeps aligners clean, safe, and secure
  • Slim and sleek design
  • Easy to carry with you on the go
  • Prevents aligners from getting lost or damaged

CARRY ME Color - Clean White / 50 Pack Floss


Complete your aligner care kit

Why choose PUL products?

Our patented hands-free PUL System was developed to help remove and place your aligners easily and discreetly.

Fits everything you will need on the go:

Clear aligners, PUL's 2 in1 aligner chewie and removal tool, floss picks and cleaning tablets.

Convenient and compact

Patented design makes it easy to carry everything with you.


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Does this case stay closed?

They do! We use grade 8 magnets (grade 5 & 8 are the strongest ceramic magnets) to help keep the case closed.

What is the retainer case made of?

It is made of food-grade plastic.

Does this have a venting system?

No. Similar to other name-brand aligner cases, we do not have a venting system.

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