10 - The PUL System (PUL+CHEW TOOL)

10 - The PUL System (PUL+CHEW TOOL)


thepulsystem® is all a practice needs to get started with their patient care kits. Each system includes 25 of our original thepultool® appliance removal tools, 25 of thechewtool® Invisalign® clear aligner and dental appliance seating tools. $11.25/system/patient

Both work in tandem to improve your patient’s aligner experience and case tracking. This cost effective solution is designed to last a patient’s entire treatment time and both tools fit conveniently in standard retainer cases.

The Chewtool slides along the shaft of the Pultool to help improve aligner tracking , evenly and firmly seats dentures and and soothe their aching gums. 

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