Professional Products

PUL Technologies is a company founded by dental professionals. Our products,  THEPULTOOL® and THECHEWTOOL®,  were born in a dental office to solve the largest inconveniences of treatment using orthodontic trays: Placement and Removal

All-New CHEWTOOL® Installer shown with THEPULTOOL®

All-New CHEWTOOL® Installer shown with THEPULTOOL®

We designed our products with three primary goals:

To Increase Consistency in Usage

Aligner trays don't work if the patient doesn't use them consistently. If a patient never becomes comfortable installing and removing their trays, they are less likely to stay diligent in following through consistently.

Achieve Quicker and Better Results

Better usage directly translates to better results, and drastically speeds up the treatment cycle. 

Increase Patient Loyalty and Referrals.

Not only do happy patients come back for future treatments of others in their immediate family, but happy patients talk.  They tell their relatives, their friends, people at the office, and the parents around them at school, sports, and extra-curricular activities


Simple to Use 

THEPULTOOL® and THECHEWTOOL® are incredibly simple to use aligner tools and are considered by our users as must haves for Invisalign and other appliances. They're easy to operate; just hook and pull.  They're easy to store; fit right in your appliance case. They're easy to clean; top rack dishwasher safe. 

Fits inside your aligner case

Fits inside your aligner case



Rest assured, you can stand behind THEPULTOOL® and THECHEWTOOL®. They're durable, heat resistant, fade resistant, and will last the life of the treatment. If, for any reason, one of your patient's TOOLS should break, we'll rush a replacement free of charge.


Loved on Every Continent

The world has fallen in love with our products, and your patients will too. Set your practice apart by giving your patients a world class orthodontic experience.

THEPULTOOL® in Bordeaux, France.

THEPULTOOL® in Bordeaux, France.


We're here for you

Our #1 customer is the private dental practice. You are the ones on the front lines.  You see firsthand the problems and setbacks that your patients have in their treatments. Nobody understands your patients like you.

We get it. Nothing is more important than making beautiful smiles and creating the best treatment experience with the least amount of inconvenience possible. The reason why we have such a large and excited worldwide community of users is because we fundamentally changed life with aligners.