PUL ME – PULTOOL, Original Removal Tool for Dental Practices


Product Description

  • Original hook & ring design
  • Each PUL ME comes individually packed
  • Easily & discreetly remove aligners
  • Conveniently fits into standard aligner cases
  • Can be used by hands of all abilities
  • Durable - at least 1,000 meals
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Individually packed

Product Information


78mm x 25mm x 5mm

Materials: Made with BPA and phthalate-free food-grade plastic

PULTOOL Color - Orange

Pack Size:

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Complete your aligner care kit

The Original hands-free aligner removal tool.

Precise, hygienic, compact & reusable.

PULTOOL also helps to remove:

Clear aligners, Dentures, Retainers, Snap on veneers, Whitening Trays, Custom Teeth Trays, Brace/Braces Retainers, Orthodontic Elastic Bands


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Does this work for both the upper and lower aligners?

Yes! The same PULTOOL can be used to remove both aligners. Please see our instructional video for more details.

Will this work with aligners that a lot of attachments and buttons?

Yes! PULTOOL was especially designed for patients with a lot of attachments and buttons. We always recommend removing aligners starting from the back, on the inside of the mouth (the side with no attachments or buttons). Please see our instructional video for more details.

Will this work for snap-on dentures?

Yes! Latch the PULTOOL to the back of the denture and gently pull down and forward.