Why adding the PUL Tool to your patients care routine makes you a rockstar.

The PUL System is the only 2 in 1 Aligner Seating and Removal Tool available to keep your patients
tracking with their aligners while increasing patient compliance.

Reduce Patient Costs

1 PUL System lasts an entire
treatment plan.Save money & the environment by reducing the amount of chewies given to each patient.

Relieve Aligner Pain

PUL soothes sore teeth by gently massaging gums and providing relief with each new set of aligners.

Safe, Compact, & Hygienic

No more choking on chewies with PUL.Fits into standard aligner cases.Perfect for those with weak hands,no fingernails, fresh manicures or manly hands.

Improve Patient Ownership

PUL gives patients ownership and an active role in their aligner treatment for the best possible outcome by engaging them with their aligners.

Predictable Treatment Outcomes

PUL gives patients the leverage
needed to firmly and evenly seat
aligners into your prescribed
movements - reducing the need
of refinement aligners.

Accelerate Aligner Treatment

PUL shifts your patients teeth faster by activating their PDL (periodontal ligament) throughout the duration of each aligner.