Daily Aligner Cleansing Tablets for Dental Practices

Priced to resell at your dental office as your patients check out, or to give away.



We brush our teeth everyday, so why aren't we cleaning our aligners everyday? 

With our Daily Aligner Cleanser Tablets, we'll help make sure your patient's aligners and retainers stay invisible looking each time they wear them!


PUL's Daily Aligner Cleanser Tablets:

☑️ 30 day supply or 3 month supply
☑️  Perfect for clear aligners, retainers, night guards, mouth/sports guards, TMJ and dentures
☑️  Eliminates odor causing bacteria and germs
☑️  Removes 99% of bacteria, stains, plaque and tarter build up on aligners in 10 minutes
☑️  Gentle enough for every day use to keep aligners crystal clear and fresh tasting


“I having been using this for all of COVID and it makes my life so much easier. It’s nice to not have to shove my dirty fingers in my mouth

every time I want to eat something. A true life saver.”