PICK ME – Biodegradable Floss Picks


Product Description

  • Biodegradable & charcoal-infused floss picks
  • Available in 50 pack or 200 pack
  • Mint flavored
  • Nylon thread reduces risk of shredding and tearing
  • Glides easily between tight teeth
  • Double-threaded for extra durability


Product Information

Materials: Cornstarch & plant-based handle biodegrades in 3-6 months (when commercially composted)

Pack Size:

Complete your aligner care kit

Floss. Brush. Smile.

Floss happily knowing you are making our world more sustainable.


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How are these biodegradable?

The handle is completely biodegradable and compostable. Just snip off the floss thread and toss the handle in the compost!

Are these gluten-free and vegan?

Yes! Our product is corn-based and no animal products were used to create our flosspicks.

Are these compostable?

Yes! It will fully decompose within 30 days in a commercial composter.